Voice actors needed!

It’s time for us to look for voice talents to bring The Will of Arthur Flabbington to life. If you want to know more about our upcoming comedy point and click adventure game, have a look at this link and the Kickstarter campaign that started it all.

We’ll be reviewing the auditions in the days following the deadline and get back to you if (and only if) you got a role.

Audition deadline is Monday, May 8 at 7am UTC (9am CEST)

Audition guidelines:

  • You can audition for more than one role
  • No gender, age or ethnicity restrictions: if you think you can be a convincing voice for the character, audition for it – we only care about how you sound
  • Send auditions as MP3 or OGG files
  • Do not send compressed folders or links, just attach the audio files to the email message
  • Use the subject TWOAF Audition – your name in your email
  • Attach one file for each character, named your name – character.mp3 (or .ogg depending on the format you choose)
  • Submit just one take for each line
  • Record your auditions with the setup you’d be using for the final recording

Recording and rates

The final recordings will start as soon as the audition process is over. We aim at having them completed before end of May.
The rate is specified for each character on the audition sheets linked below. We considered a rate varying between 1.50 to 2.- CHF per line depending on line length and/or expected difficulty of delivery. The line count specified for each character reflects the current state of the script and may be subject to change, however we’re positive no character will see an increase in line count of more than 5% of what’s specified.
There will be no live direction. If you get the role, you will receive a file with directives on backstory and context for the lines.

By auditioning for a character, you agree to deliver for the final recording one take for each line and, if needed, an additional retake of a subset of lines.

Please find the audition lines HERE (male characters) and HERE (female characters).

Send your files to gugames.eu@gmail.com – if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Thank you, we’re looking forward to hearing your voices!

8 thoughts on “Voice actors needed!”

  1. Email sent. I hope it’s what you’re looking for.

    I do love a point & click game. They’re my favourite kind as I love the humour in them. Here’s hoping I get to participate in what looks like a great game

  2. Just submitted, good luck with the game it looks like a really fun concept. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to contribute!

  3. Submission submitted… submissively.
    Thank you for the opportunity! Such a fun looking game with some great humor and appealing art style!

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