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Thimbleweed Park: Italian voiceover

A (still ongoing) project aimed at giving Thimbleweed Park a complete Italian voiceover

2017: a crazy idea that still haunts us

When Terrible Toybox released Thimbleweed Park in March 2017, a nice community arose. After years of following the development on the blog, commenters found themselves on the Thimbleweed Park forum, talking about the game and other adventure game related stuff.
After a while, people began reverse engineering the game files, which led to the publication of different asset extracting tools. One in particular was even able to replace the game assets with custom ones. As a geek and amateur actor, I contacted some Italian forum members and made a small demo of the Ransome Lookalike Contest (warning, spoilers).
The quality wasn't great, but it was fun. This sparked a crazy idea: what if we made a complete Italian voiceover? We began asking around and found a few people interested in joining.
Three years later, we're almost done. It's been a long, exhausting journey, but it's been fun. It will surely not be a professional product, but we put our hearts to deliver the best quality possible to a team of amateurs dislocated in the whole Italian territory!

A small trailer

Ransome the clown and George the postman have a nice chat at the Post Office

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