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Delores: Italian translation

Localizing the Thimbleweed Park themed game to my native language

Delores: an open-source adventure game

It's 2020, the best year ever. The whole planet is staying at home due to a new virus outbreak, and we need things to do. So Terrible Toybox released Delores, a free small point-n-click set in the Thimbleweed Park universe, mainly as a test for their renewed adventure game engine.
After a while, the source code for the game appears on github. Just as it happened for the TWP Italian voiceover, I was one of the first to jump to the repository and make my changes. I'm currently one of the top contributors, with some bugfixes, localized art additions and the Italian translation.
The changes will hopefully be integrated in the official release by the end of September 2020. Have a look at the news section for updates!

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